Saudi Arabian historian says driving ban protects women from rape, and foreign female drivers should drive them.

So this historian, in 2015, thinks that in the event of a woman’s car breaking down, there is a significant risk of her getting raped on the roadside, and this risk is so great that the solution is to ban women from driving themselves, and instead have their male family members drive them. You know, the people that are statistically most likely to actually rape them. Alas, he recognises that this may happen, so what does he propose as the solution? To recruit foreign female drivers to drive the women of Saudi Arabia. Because, of course [sarcasm ahead], if foreign women get raped on the roadside, it’s alright. And of course, he implies that women do not rape. His proposal begs the question of how a female driver will protect the passenger from rape if the car breaks down, considering that, you know, this man believes that if given the opportunity, a man will inevitably commit rape (rather than considering that rape happens because aggressors choose to rape). He also presents it as a given that women are defenseless creatures needing protection from the big bad predators on the roadside. Here’s an idea: maybe we should let women protect their own bodies as they see fit, and actually support them intellectually and emotionally, by engaging them in political conversations, and letting them drive themselves to the b****y podium.



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