Landmark rape case won by 10 year old Afghan girl mainly because of her age.

After a 10 year old Afghan girl was raped and badly injured by a mullah in his mosque, he expected to walk free because rape has long been equated to adultery in Afghanistan, the punishment for which is 100 lashes for both parties involved. Yes, both parties are considered guilty. However, the judge ruled that the girl could not have committed adultery, because she was a child, so the rape was indeed seen as a rape, the mullah a rapist. A close call, it seems. At what age does a female lose her innocence and right to bodily integrity, to autonomy?

Reports emerged prior to the ruling that her family were considering killing her for dishonouring them. What a world to be born into. To be held accountable with your life for being unlucky enough to be raped.

This is just an extreme example of the rape culture we have all over the world.



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